Meets wellnet.it

Meets wellnet.it

We are glad to inform you that the site you are browsing is now in responsive version.

But what is it a responsive or adaptive site?
It is a site which, as the word says, “adapts” to the device and browser that you are browsing.

Which are the technical skills to realize a responsive site?
At the technological level it comes to working with HTML (5) and CSS according to the latest standards, in term of communication and content have to do what is called “architecture and design of information” managing hierarchies, priorities and contextualization.

Here in Wellnet we have been starting to study fluid and accessible layouts for several years and we have even realized native applications, but we believe a lot in this new frontier that allow to “kill more birds with one stone” (even if the stone is done by hard job and a lot of tests).

If you want to analyze the technical angles and the case study read our Giulia’s article (available only in Italian).

If you are interesting to get these opportunities for your company or Organisation, contact us.

Happy browsing