Drupal Weekly Module Review - #3 Features Builder, problems zero with Features!

Drupal Weekly Module Review - #3 Features Builder, problems zero with Features!

Today we’ll analyze Features Builder module.

Tell me the true, how many time do you have problems with Features? And about these problems, how many are relating to the creations of features?

Features Builder will help you, creating for you all the essentials features and, discovering the configuration website, it will divide them by under tabs.

Features Builder is a contrib. module of Drupal, so to download it is enough to go to the download page of Drupal modules and search Feature Builder (https://www.drupal.org/project/features_builder).

The installation of the module is traditional, so I do not stop too much.

Once downloaded the module from the link gave above, put it on the sites/all/modules/contrib folder and enable it on the modules page, that you can find on the following link: yourwebsite.it/admin/modules.

So, how does it work this module? Does it really help on the creations of the features? Let’s go to see it: enabled the module, it will show a new tab Build inside of Features interface, as show on the following image:

clicking on it, it will show a simple screen with just a setting, BUILD:



This is the heart of the module.

From this command, indeed, Features Builder will create the features ground on modules (that in this case it calls Builders), content type and other configurations suitable to be just inserted in a feature.

The way to create them is very easy. First of all you need to click on Enable (it allows to the features created to be automatically enable) and then click on Build.

NB: clicking on builders link is possible display everything that Features Builder can use to create the views.

Clicked on Build and ended the creation of the features,


they will show on the Feature  Managetraditional page, but with some modification.

The features, indeed, otherwise from how we should make them by hand, are divided for “ranges”.

We will find on the Configuration tab all the configurations of our website, in other words the configurations of the fields that we have created, configurations of the taxonomy and so on.

The method the module uses is very easy. Indeed, if we go in Content, we will find all the configurations about the content types and in Ctools all the configurations about views. Clearly more modules we’ll use inside our website, more tabs will be shown.

Beyond the Build screen, there are available others screens, among which:

  • Builders
  • Exportables
  • Configuration


In Builders is possible display everything is exportable in features, divided in two columns:

  • Builder
  • Features Modules

Clearly, it is available the exportable modules list from Features Builder and, on the left in Features Modules, is possible display the features just created for that given module.


This page is very interesting than useful, indeed it is possible to display:

  • on the Included tab which are the configurations just exported in Features, divided by Components (field, filters, nodes, permissions, roles);
  • on the Duplicated tab is possible display if there are duplicated configurations inside the features;
  • on the Not included tab is possible display everything is not possible to insert in one view (customarily everything is content).


At the end, in this tab is possible to manage the module configuration, inserting on the Prefix field, the prefix that each features created should have and in Base directory is possible modify the destination folder for the features.

And with this is all!

This module is very interesting, it allows to spare time (and mental sanity) automatically creating all the essentials features for the correct website operation.

Will you use it? Let me know leaving a comment!