Drupal consulting

We choose  Drupal as main Content Management System, selecting it from the wide range of Open Source CMS available on the market, since the first stable release of the distant 2006.

The substantial investment in research and development, internal skills, the quality of the software developed by the Drupal framework, as well as the experience gained in heterogeneous and articulated IT scenarios, has enabled us to successfully deal with a number of projects in both the Enterprise Drupal in Institutional contexts.


Acquia partner and Drupal Association Member

Internationally, we are the first Acquia partner in Italy as well as members of the Drupal AssociationAcquia is the company that provides commercial support to the Open platform, referred to as first operator software of 2012 in Forbes Inc. 500 just to crown the world recognized success to the platform adopted by us as well as for many other companies around the world.


Drupal Training

We are among the first Italian users of  Drupal, both in quantity and quality of the projects. We support and continuously promoting the CMS Drupal organizing national events, like the annual DrupalDay Italy and periodic training days Drupal Global Training Day, participating actively as sponsors international meetings, such as DrupalCon. The experience reached during the training of our customers pushes us to give birth of the traning courses of CorsiDrupal.it, group or individual training paths for companies or freelancers who want to know or learn the great potential of this Framework.

Many large organizations have trusted us by adopting this platform for both websites and for critical web applications; discover our portfolio progetti Drupal.