Composy.io - Composer as a service

Composy.io - Composer as a service

Drupal 8 and every other modern PHP applications require Composer to manage their dependencies. We can't do without it for a lot of reasons, mainly dependency management and autoloading. Those two single features allow software written by different developers to integrate and co-operate. It's thanks to Composer that we can use a lot of already written code into, for example, a Drupal 8 site.

But all of this comes with a cost, you should learn how to use Composer. It's not so difficult but involves the use of the command line, you have to know how to write a composer.json file, where to find the name and the version for a package, and so on. Composer is also a CPU and memory intensive application, dependencies resolution is an hard task in computer science; and it needs a stable Internet connection because it has to download a lot of files.

An application like Drupal, for example, cannot pretend that everyone that want to build a website must know how to use and run Composer.

There should be an alternative, something that allows even the non technical people to compose an application and have it built in an easy way, without installing or configuring anything on a local machine.

In Wellnet we started thinking on a platform for running Composer remotely long time ago and now we are ready to open our work to everybody.

We are mainly a Drupal shop so this first release allows you to compose and build Drupal 8 sites, but we are working hard to add other platforms. Run Composer is just the half of the work, so we build a very simple to use web interface, just create a new project and start add modules and themes.

We are working on some very cool features that will be released later this year, like template and auto-update.



The private beta opens today, just register on composy.io.